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 12 Month Hormone Program.


This program is great for women that are struggling with Hormone Imbalance and have symptoms that are having an impact on their life and they want to learn how they can help.


I have broken the program into stages 


Stage One The Basics 


Month One - How to eat for Hormone Health


Month Two - Sugar and Hormone Health


Month Three - Gut and Hormone Health


Stage Two The Reset


Month Four - Toxins and Hormone Health


Month Five - Stress and Hormone Health


Month Six - Thyroid and Hormone Health


Stage Three The Next Level 


Month Seven - Hormone Imbalance and your Health


Month Eight - Libido and Hormone Health


Month Nine - Immune and Hormone Health


Four Stage The Final Transformation 


Month 10 - Adrenal and Hormone Health 


Month 11 - Healthy Weight Loss and Exercise for Hormone Health


Month 12 - Self Care and Healthy Minset for Hormone Health


Over the 12 months you will learn and understand how all these different factors can affect your hormones. 

Each module will come with a pre recorded class - with a power point presentation for you to watch in your own time (in our exclusive Facebook group)


Access to an exclusive Facebook group where I will share tips, advice and information.


We will also have a group session (via zoom) where you can share support, wins and challenges with others on the program.

This can be as a 1:1 program or I do run this as group session

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