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10 WAYS TO FEED YOUR SOUL 1. GET MOVING. Find a type of movement you enjoy and engage in it daily.

2. SLEEP, REST, AND RELAX. When you’re sleep-deprived and/or stressed, your body will crave sugary snacks and caffeine for quick artificial energy. 3. SCHEDULE FUN TIME. Boredom and stress can lead to overeating. So make sure to take time to laugh, play, and participate in activities you love.

4. TAKE A HOT BATH. This is a great way to engage the relaxation response and wipe out cortisol, the stress hormone at the root of weight gain. 5. MEDITATE. Meditation is another great tool to engage the relaxation response. Start with just five minutes each day and build your way up. 6. MAKE YOUR FOOD LOOK BEAUTIFUL. Use gorgeous dishware and plate your food in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing. By making meals an event, they will nourish you and fill you up more – both literally and figuratively. 7. DRINK A GLASS OF RED WINE. A simple luxury enjoyed in moderation, red wine contains antioxidants, and small amounts will reduce stress and support weight loss. 8. HOLD A BABY. Spending time with little ones reminds you of the simple wonders in life and helps you relax and gain perspective. 9. SPEND TIME IN NATURE. Spending time in nature connects you with the earth and can provide a natural high. Nature is great at bringing you back to the present moment and can be a source of stress reduction. 10. HUG. Humans require physical contact, and long hugs are a great way to get it. They relax you and lead you to produce happy hormones.

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