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Keep a Journal

Thoughts can get heavy to carry throughout the day and take a toll on your mindset. Keeping a journal makes it easy to put those thoughts on paper and get them off your shoulders!


Instead of complaining all the time or keeping those thoughts locked up in your head which can wreck your mindset, a journal lets you get everything out of your system.


Not only does this journal allow you to write down the things that are holding back your mindset, it gives you a guide for how you’ve improved and where you can continue to improve. Carving out some time in your morning or evening routine to write in your journal or just carrying it throughout the day lets you use it whenever you feel those thoughts pulling you down.


You’re more likely to write in a journal that you like! Whether that’s a little spiral bound notebook, a blank sketch pad, or something in between, a journal that you like to use and carry with you is essential. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but don’t settle for a legal pad if you’d prefer something else!


When you write in your journal, don’t hold back any punches. All those dark thoughts, the ones that you hold close to your chest, let them go and write them down! Once you’ve broken the cycle going on inside your head by jotting down those thoughts, it's much easier to move on and improve and master your mindset.

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