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The dictionary definition of mindfulness is, “the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.”

What does mindfulness mean to you, and how do you practice it either consciously or unconsciously?

If you wake up feeling either groggy and irritable or anxious and frantic, try waking up a few minutes earlier than usual and dedicate that five minutes of time to a short and sweet gratitude practice.

While you’re still in bed or after you’ve gotten yourself up and walking around, spend five minutes naming a list of things that you’re grateful for. Don’t overthink it!

Any and every act can be mindful—including personal hygiene! So whether you’re brushing your teeth, shampooing your hair, or applying a moisturizer, do so with the intention of being gentle, loving, and gracious.

Your body does so much and deserves to be treated with kindness at every opportunity.

So often, we go through our days completely distracted and inattentive to the sensations and feelings of our bodies. A body scan is an opportunity to check in with your body and pay close attention to any messages that it’s trying to send you while encouraging the release of excess tension.

Basically, you’ll lay down and bring your attention to one end of your body (your head or your feet) and slowly move and refocus that attention up or down and along the whole of your body.

For many people, meals are eaten on the go or while distracted doing other things, like sitting at your computer, watching TV, or driving between destinations.

When was the last time you had a meal while not simultaneously doing something else?

Busy schedules and on-the-go food options make it easy to eat while multitasking and not put much thought into what you’re eating or even how it tastes!

Today, challenge yourself to eat a meal or a snack while giving all your attention to the flavors and textures. Doing this will help you get in better touch with your hunger cues so that you make sure to eat the right amount of food to satisfy your hunger (not too much or too little).

Humans are extremely complex emotional beings, and you must understand how to process the emotions you feel so that you can keep your body and mind healthy and well.

One way to dedicate a few minutes to processing emotions is through the act of journaling. Whether you treat it like a diary for sharing your deepest secrets, a scratchpad for doodling or a spreadsheet for documenting your thoughts, recording your feelings can be immensely helpful.

When was the last time you walked just to meander through a space? Instead of walking for the purpose of exercise or to get to a specific destination, try taking a walk around your neighborhood or a local park just to take in the scenery and breathe in the surroundings.

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