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My Story

So I thought that after all these posts it was about time I shared with you guys my health and wellness journey.

I have been involved in fitness and sport all my life and I started my Martial Arts journey when I was 12 years old which is still a huge part of my life, I run my martial art and fitness academy teaching children and adults kickboxing and Tang Soo Do which I love but after having my health issues I wanted to expand my knowledge and be able to help others like myself.

Although I have always been fit and active throughout my life after I had my third child back in 2003 I found that the weight I gained during pregnancy didn’t shift even though I went back to my Martial Art training 4 weeks after he was born. I found myself gaining two stones in weight, my body and mind seemed to Change dramatically. My hair was falling out in clumps and I was extremely tired and my brain was fuzzy all the time.

I had always been happy and full of life but I found myself feeling low and worthless. I just didn't feel like me. So I went to see my GP and explained my symptoms. They discussed depression and said that I was a busy mum and that could be contributing to how I was feeling so I left with no further help.

When I got home I did some research and found hypothyroidism and my symptoms seemed to fit. I went back to the GP and asked them to do a blood test just to check my levels. They did and the results came back borderline so I was told to come back in 6 months and they would check again. So I did and the next test came back borderline again. In total it took three years and lots of visits to the GP from that initial blood test to get a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s.

So I have, like many people with Hashimoto’s struggled with my symptoms and I have had to work hard to keep my weight down and keep myself motivated to keep active and happy I have been doing well on meds and controlling my diet and my exercise and then this year I started feeling lousy again and I have now established that I am starting the perimenopause. I understand that our Hormones are responsible for so much of what goes on in our lives and I wanted to help so many women through the next transition of their lives hence why I have trained as a health coach specialising in Hormone health and now gut health as well.

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