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Utilize Your Community

Dark thoughts and ones that disrupt your daily routine often grow and expand when they’re left alone to fester in your mind. Creating and utilizing your community and the people around you, lets you break the cycle and create a healthy relationship with your mindset!


Having a community and group of people that you can rely on to speak truth into your life is vital to mastering your mindset. These are the people that show you what’s really happening rather than what you THINK is going on.


When things go wrong during the day and you find your mindset starting to dip into the darkness, reach out to those around you! Let them shine a little light into your mindset for the day!


A simple way to build a community that understands what you want with your mindset and can see when things aren’t going the way you want, is to have a mentor that you grow with. This can be someone you already know or be part of a program within your community. Be honest with your mentor and let them speak truth to you when things get dark.


There are tons of great groups within your community, church, or even at your school that give you the opportunity to build a trustworthy personal network. One great way to master your mindset and improve your life is to get involved! Little clubs or big ones, they all offer a way to get connected and find people who are invested in you.

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