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1:1 Health Coaching Programme

Are you fed up of feeling tired and out of balance ?
Do you suffer with any of the following ?
Mood swings
Irregular menstrual cycle
Low sex drive
Hot Flashes
Night sweats
Weight gain
Brain fog
Skin Issues
Sleep disturbances

How can a Health Coach help ?

Everyone's experience of perimenopause  and menopause symptoms and hormone change is different. As your health coach together we can identify and plan towards improving your wellbeing by understanding your symptoms and finding the right resources to help you on your journey back to feeling happy and in control of your life again.

In our first session, we will sit down together via video call and I will ask you lots of questions from your discovery form so we can explore your health and lifestyle to discover what is going on in your life and what we can implement on your health journey.

You will be held accountable week by week in my one to one coaching programme. You will make steady sustainable progress towards goals we create.

Perimenopause is a life transition, a time of change, and time to re-evaluate your habits, lifestyle and possibly your priorities. You won't be alone though as your coach I will hold your hand and guide you through the transition helping you feel empowered, energised and excited about your health and wellbeing plans.

Your health investment !

1:1 Health Coaching Package

One hour 
initial consultation followed by 
12 x 50 minute 1:1 sessions via video call
Regular support via text

12 weeks £650

Once we reach the end of your coaching programme, optional follow up sessions are available if you feel you would benefit from further support at £55 per 60 minute session.


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