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Reclaim Your Hormone Health !!!


I learned the holistic way to achieve hormone balance, and I want to help you do it, too!

Hi, I’m Claire

I know you want nothing more than to feel like yourself, but it’s been so long, you’ve almost forgotten what your true self feels like! You dream of a pain-free day where you feel energized, joyful, and healthy, but instead, you: 

●Wake up feeling groggy and it just gets worse as the day goes on. It’s all you can do to just function, with nothing left over for doing what you love!

●Always feel bloated, constipated, and uncomfortable.

●Struggle with anxiety and nervousness, even when you know everything is okay, you still feel like something bad is about to happen. 

●Are irritable much of the time and find yourself snapping at loved ones and co-workers even when there’s no reason to. 

●Suffer from joint pain that makes it difficult to much more than lay in bed or on the couch. 

●Look 10 years older than you are due to dry, brittle hair, peeling nails, and dry, dull skin.

●Battle thyroid disease or autoimmune disorders that just seem to get worse. I know you feel alone, scared, and frustrated, but you’re not alone! I also want to tell you that there IS hope to get better!I know this because I’ve been EXACTLY where you are right now!

Let Me Tell You a Story..

I'm Hormone Health Coach, Martial Arts and fitness Instructor and massage therapist  based in Bristol

I am a wife and mum of three wonderful boys - well men they are grown up now. I have a dog who is my fur baby and enjoys lots of snuggles.

I have been involved in fitness and sport all my life and I started my Martial Arts journey when I was 12 years old which is still a huge part of my life, I run my martial art and fitness academy teaching children and adults kickboxing and Tang Soo Do which I love but after having my health issues I wanted to expand my knowledge and be able to help others like myself.

Although I have always been fit and active throughout my life after I had my third child back in 2003 I found that the weight I gained during pregnancy didn’t shift even though I went back to my Martial Art training 4 weeks after he was born. I found myself gaining two stones in weight, my body and mind seemed to change dramatically. My hair was falling out in clumps and I was extremely tired and my brain was fuzzy all the time.

I had always been happy and full of life but I found myself feeling low and worthless. I just didn't feel like me. So I went to see my GP and explained my symptoms. They discussed depression and said that I was a busy mum and that could be contributing to how I was feeling so I left with no further help.

When I got home I did some research and found hypothyroidism and my symptoms seemed to fit. I went back to the GP and asked them to do a blood test just to check my levels. They did and the results came back borderline so I was told to come back in 6 months and they would check again. So I did and the next test came back borderline again. In total it took three years and lots of visits to the GP from that initial blood test to get a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s.

So I have, like many people with Hashimoto’s struggled with my symptoms and I have had to work hard to keep my weight down and keep myself motivated to keep active and happy I have been doing well on meds and controlling my diet and my exercise and then this year I started feeling lousy again and I have now established that I am  perimenopausal. 

I understand that our hormones and mindset are responsible for so much of what goes on in our lives  hence why I have trained as a health coach specialising in Hormone health and now gut health as well.

I want to help you !! I can  make positive, health promoting food and lifestyle changes that can potentially help you get you feel good about yourself.

As a qualified Hormone Coach I want to motivate, empower and educate you so you can start living your life to the full.

This isn't an overnight program this is a lifestyle and mindset change.

Please get in touch if you think I can help you !

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