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Change Your Media Diet

In a world filled with easy to access news and media, it can be hard to find the space to get your mind right and declutter.


As you work to master your mindset, changing what you see on social media or in your daily media diet can improve the way you see yourself! All too often, the images we see start to push us to play comparisons which can leave your mindset in shambles.


Cutting out many of the social media comparisons and leaving out much of the media diet that consumes our time can help you get your mindset back on track and keep it focused on what matters!


We have a tendency to mindlessly scroll through our phones or tablets whenever we’re sitting down. Keeping your phone closed and those social media apps shut gives your mind the chance to refocus on how you’re growing and developing! Instead of constantly comparing yourself to others in your network or stressing over things happening in the news, you’re able to rest your mind and refocus on your own growth.

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